Why You Get Dizzy When You Stand And What It Might Mean For Your Health


Have you ever stood up and felt dizzy immediately? I know I have, and the experience can be alarming.

I’ve always shrugged it off as another one of those weird but harmless things my body just does, like always sneezing two times in a row or getting those little white dots on my nails…

But did you know that these seemingly innocent bodily experiences can be the warning signs of a deeper health condition?

In an effort to bring you information to benefit your health and well-being, we here at LittleThings took an exclusive look at dizziness, and what it could mean for your body.

However, just because you get dizzy after standing up doesn’t mean you’re going to become fatally sick. There are a number of other causes for lightheadedness, which we break down for you below.

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What exactly happens when you get dizzy after standing up?

What exactly happens when you get dizzy after standing up?

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The medical term for dizziness after standing up is “orthostatic hypotension,” or OH.

After you stand up, you experience a gradual drop in blood pressure and the dizziness “suggests the nervous system is failing and isn’t maintaining blood pressure while you’re standing,” said lead author Dr. Christopher Gibbons, an associate professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School in Boston, who did a 10-year study with people who have the condition.

Approximately 64 percent of people suffering from OH died during this study. In comparison, only nine percent of the people who didn’t have OH died in that 10-year period.

But again, just because you get woozy when you stand up isn’t necessarily cause for alarm; it can also be because of many other benign reasons.

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