Ulcerative Colitis

Why I fear that my Ulcerative colitis diagnosis has made me unlovable

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, a form of Inflammatory bowel disease, five years ago.

I was never the stud around school, I was always the odd one out – the one that nobody fancied.

I was an easy target. I think that’s why people used to bully me.

That was before my diagnosis of UC.

I’ve always dreamed of the perfect relationship but never actually been in one, weird right?

Since my diagnosis I’ve found it increasingly difficult to open up to any potential love-interest about the disease.

I’m confident talking about it to most people. I just get really scared when anyone crosses the line of ‘more than friends’. I fear that telling them would change the way they look at me, as though they wouldn’t just see it as a diagnosis, but instead as ‘baggage’.

I’ve never really felt accepted for who I am so why would someone accept me if I’m ill?

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