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What it’s like to be in a new relationship when you have Crohn’s disease


In the summer of 2015, I met my boyfriend Niall Roughley. He’s a dream, tall and handsome as hell (yes I’m quoting Taylor Swift).

When we first got together I kept us a secret from pretty much everyone apart from family. I wanted to just enjoy my time with him before other people got involved. I was also keeping a secret from him. My invisible illness – Crohn’s disease.

I was quite ill when we first got together but I kept it hidden from him. I’d fall asleep all the time and blame it on working so much. I’d be in pain whenever I ate but I’d blame it on heartburn or indigestion or the good old IBS. When we’d go out on dates, I’d go off to the bathroom just to have a little cry in there alone so he didn’t see me in pain. It wasn’t that I didn’t trust him with this information; it was maybe that I didn’t want pity and sympathy from him. Or maybe he’d run a mile. Past relationships had been tricky.

Little did I know he wouldn’t care about the future and what may happen to me in the way I thought he’d be bothered. I knew at some point surgery could be an option and my body would of course change. Again little did I know it would change as it has.

I finally told him when I was told my medication was no longer working and surgery was my last option. I was given my surgery date – 16th December 2015.

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