What Can your Period Tell About your Health?

Your period reveals a lot of information about your health. If you notice some unusual symptoms, such as pain, irregular flow, or a change of the color of your period, there may be something wrong with your health.

Here are some period symptoms that will help you to identify whether you are dealing with some health problem.

While experiencing some small amount of pain during your period is a common issue, excessive pain that lasts for days has to be examined by a healthcare professional. There are a few health conditions that are related to your period pain.


The occurrence of a painful period that causes abdominal cramps is called dysmenorrhea. This problem is caused by excessive levels of prostaglandin, a hormone that is related to pain and inflammation. Sadly, this is a very common issue that affects half of the female population.


Another less common condition is endometriosis which causes severe painful cramps that last for over two days. This condition occurs when the uttering lining is appearing outside the uterus, usually in the pelvic area. About 10% of the female population suffers from this condition.

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