Vertigo: 8 Important Signs It Might Be More Than Everyday Dizziness


Vertigo might seem like a rare phenomenon, but it’s actually something that affects almost 40 percent of people at some point in their lives.

We all get dizzy now and then, whether we just got off of an airplane or perhaps had a bit much to drink.

But vertigo is a more serious dizzy state that causes your vision to tilt out of control and can seriously throw off your balance.

Though there many factors that can cause you to develop vertigo — like stroke, heart disease, or even extreme stress — it’s mostly caused by inner ear problems that throw off your vestibular system, or the system in your brain that keeps you balanced.

While vertigo is mostly characterized by the tilting, turning, dizzy feelings that occasionally plague you, there are actually other symptoms that go along with them.

Learning them all can help you prepare for the episodes if they ever happen to you — check them out below.

What Is Vertigo?

What Is Vertigo?

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Vertigo is the sensation that objects are spinning around you, or that you are spinning uncontrollably.

This strange spinning phenomenon is usually caused by inner ear problems, like Meniere’s disease, though some head injuries, strokes, and medications can cause them.

Fortunately, they usually go away after a while, since your brain is able to adapt to the change in balance.

But it’s important to know its symptoms if they ever happen to you — check below to learn all of them.

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