Vaginal Odor: The ‘Downstairs’ Smells You Should Never Ever Ignore


Talking about your bits can be a little uncomfortable. After all, our private parts are, well, private.

Discussing their habits and features can feel as awkward as taking off our undies and literally showing them to the world. Best to keep things under wraps, right?

Well, mostly. The truth is that many women don’t even know much about their own anatomy because of the years of shame and embarrassment society’s heaped on them regarding their bodies.

Many of us are taught from a young age to be ashamed of anything and everything about our bodies and to consider them, in some way, as “wrong.”

And the same idea extends to our private parts, leading many to feel anxious or insecure about the look of their lady parts. Sometimes, this attitude can even lead to some potentially risky behavior.

But here’s the deal: your vagina is a part of your body you should know and care about, and never feel shame over. After all, it does some pretty amazing things!

One of the issues that concern many women is the smell of things downstairs. Some even try to cover it up with perfumes and scented products, which can ultimately just make things worse — not to mention become very uncomfortable.

But then, what is everything down there supposed to smell like, anyway?

If you’re concerned that the smell of your vagina is somehow wrong, read on to see what it’s “supposed” to smell like, and how to keep things happy and healthy all the time.

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