‘Use your vote wisely’ – mum’s chilling calculation of how much NHS childbirth would have cost her if privatised

Rebecca Buckingham points out she could not have afforded to have her children safely delivered


A young mother lays in her hospital bed with her crying newborn babyChildbirth would be very different – and terrifying – prospect with a privatised NHS

Given it comprises of numerous different trusts and bodies, it’s not been easy to speak definitively about the extent the NHS has been privatised so far.

Since the coalition, however, the scope of the creeping privatisation has become increasingly less opaque.

The words “privatisation” and “NHS” are an emotive combination and it’s impossible to not wonder what the healthcare landscape will become in the hands of another Tory government.

After all, many of us owe the lives of ourselves, loved ones and the safe delivery of our children to the NHS, and have walked away, able to tell the tale – and without the sting of an extortionate bill.

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