Twisted Ovaries: 8 Red Flag Symptoms Women Should Never, Ever Ignore


When it comes to our health, it can be easy to ignore symptoms for a while and hope that they’ll go away.

After all, most women I know will do whatever it takes to make sure the people in their lives get medical care, myself included, but when it comes to our own bodies? We rub some dirt on it and move on.

Unfortunately, being stoic about your aches and pains can land you in deep trouble at the doctor’s office later.

Same goes for any and all “female trouble.” Whether you just have some cramps, or you’re experiencing scarier symptoms, it’s always worth getting a check-up, because some conditions hide for a long time.

Ovarian torsion is a great example of something you want to nip in the bud; it causes mild, easily mistaken symptoms for a long while, before suddenly turning into a major medical problem.

Scroll through below to learn the symptoms every woman needs to watch out for.

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