This Is What Skin Tags Actually Are and Here Is The Easiest Way To Naturally Remove Them At Home


Finding a strange, irregular growth of skin anywhere on your body is cause for concern, but if it’s a skin tag then it need not be. Skin tags are soft, small, painless skin growths that can pop up just about anywhere. They are thankfully harmless and pose no known risk to humans. In fact, they are exceedingly common, so much so that practically everyone reading this right now will develop one or more at some point in their lifetime, if they haven’t yet already.

To spot a skin tag look for a raised flap of skin that appears to be either smooth or irregularly shaped. That is how they are most commonly described but they may appear as slight variations of this general description. In addition, skin tags often appear on the areas of our bodies where the skin naturally folds or creases which includes the eyelids, armpits, neck, groin, and under breasts. It is because of these locations that it’s believed they are somehow formed from skin rubbing on or against skin. Also, certain types of people are much more susceptible to forming skin tags. Those who are obese, as well as middle-aged adults, have higher incidence rates of skin tags and may have between 1 and 100+ on their body.

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