Breast Cancer

This Grandmother Beat Breast Cancer with a Groundbreaking 20-Minute Treatment

Imagine a cancer treatment that requires zero recovery time and no major surgery? Well, it’s here—and this grandmother was one of the first people to try it.



On a cold January day in 2011, Margareta Nordell bundled up in her winter coat, hugged her dog, Jackie, goodbye, and went off to have a mammogram, just as she had every 24 months for the past 20 years. A customer representative for a Stockholm insurance company (now retired), she wasn’t worried. Never before had a suspicious lump or shadow been found and she assumed this time would be no different. She was wrong. When the X-rays were processed, her doctor pointed to a dot on her right breast. It looked like a speck of dust or something smaller, even.

“But I can’t feel it when I check,” she protested.

“That’s a good thing,” her doctor replied. “If it is cancer, we’ve probably caught it in time, before it grows into something you can feel.”

A biopsy proved it was malignant. All of a sudden Margareta, then 66, an independent mother and grandmother, found herself thrust into a vast club she would much rather not be part of: women with breast cancer. An estimated one in every eight women around the world will develop the disease in their lifetime, with the latest statistics indicating that 1.7 million were diagnosed in 2012 alone.

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