This Bar Has Made a Secret Special Shot That Will Save Many Women’s Lives.


There’s a new trend spreading through the bar industry that women everywhere need to be aware of. It involves a simple code system that could possibly come in handy down the line for when a night out takes a turn for the worse. Whether you get stuck on a bad date, feel uncomfortable or threatened, there’s a way to make a quick escape without attracting unwanted attention. All you need to do is order an “angel shot” from your server or bartender and the rest will be taken care for you.

From Florida to South Africa, bars and restaurants across the world have been posting signs in the ladies restroom that outline exactly how to ask their employees for help on the down low, should you ever need it. The signs feature instructions on how to use a secret code that centers around ordering a special drink called an angel shot, but it’s not a drink at all. When you want out, simply go to the bartender and ask for the sweet, innocent sounding angel shot in one of three ways:

Neat. This means the bartender will help by escorting you out to your vehicle.
With Ice. This means the bartender will assist by calling an Uber, Lyft, or cab to pick you up.
With Lime. This means the bartender will call the police on your behalf.

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