These Eight Risk Factors Might Warrant An Early Colon Screening


It’s fair to say that almost everyone has a chore that they put off until the very last minute.

Whether you dread drudging through paperwork or you totally avoided cleaning your stovetop until this genius hack came into your life, we all procrastinate about something.

Most of the time, it’s a fairly harmless lifestyle choice, but there’s one area of our lives that serves as the exception: lots of us put our lives in serious danger when we dawdle about scheduling doctor’s appointments.

While you don’t want to be scared of every little symptom, there are certain appointments that no one can afford to skip, including annual physicals, mammograms and pap smears for women, prostate exams for men, and, of course, the dreaded colonoscopy.

We might feel awkward about talking about it, but a colonoscopy can save your life. It’s a minimally invasive procedure that involves inserting a camera on a narrow, flexible wand into the rectum to examine the lower digestive system, and can detect ulcers, polyps, and tumors.

Absolutely everyone over the age 50 needs to have a colonoscopy, but even if you’re under 50, there are a few reasons that you should ask your doctor about booking a screening right now.

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