The Shape Of Your Toes Can Reveal Interesting Secrets About Your Personality


Personality tests are always fascinating, no matter what!

Whether you want to learn more about how your own mind works, or you’re curious about your friends and family, it’s hard to resist taking each and every quiz around!

From studying your horoscope to answering the questions on this flower-themed personality test, there are dozens of options out there!

Our latest favorite, however, is a spookily accurate analysis based on the shape of your toes.

It might sound wacky, but the results were totally uncanny — we still get chills just thinking about it.

The idea is that the shape of your toes and how they line up on your feet might offer incredible insights into how we all think.

Toe Type #1: Roman Toes

Toe Type #1: Roman Toes

Tayra Lucero for LittleThings

One of the most common foot shapes there is, the Roman toes arrangement means that the big toe is the longest, and they gradually get shorter as you go down the line.

People who have toes shaped like this are blessed with even-keeled, friendly personalities.

They like most people and are generally well-liked in return, and are known for being excellent at dealing with difficult personalities.

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