Painful Bunions Can Be Managed With Nothing More Than An Ordinary Hair Band


It’s no secret that after a long day on your feet, especially if you’re not wearing the right shoes, your feet are not happy. But for many, foot pain and issues are way more than the occasional soreness.

One of the most common foot ailments, especially among women, is the bunion. A bunion is a protruding bump of bone just under the big toe on the edge of the foot. It’s most commonly found in people who wear ill-fitting shoes or very high heels, which can cause a number of other health issues, as well.

For some, it can merely be unsightly, but for many others, it can be painful, making it difficult to walk, stand for long periods of time, or get shoes to fit comfortably. It can also cause people to become insecure with the appearance of their feet.

Bunions aren’t uncommon, but many people don’t know that it’s actually possible to manage the condition right at home; many think the only solution is surgery.

Surgery is an option for more extreme cases, but most cases can be managed right at home with a little planning and know-how.

Check out some bunion-managing tips below, and even if you don’t have bunions, consider starting up a care program for your feet. They do a lot for you!

What Is A Bunion?

What Is A Bunion?

Morgan Swofford for LittleThings

A bunion is a deformity of the joint between the big toe and the foot, where the joint bends outward and protrudes, while the big toe is forced inward, toward the other toes.

A common misconception is that a bunion is an excess growth of bone tissue, but it’s not! It’s just the joint sticking out too far.

Besides the bony bump, other symptoms can include irritated skin over the bunion, soreness, and blisters.

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