Moms Are Superhuman: 10 Mind-Blowing Facts About Pregnancy


This amazing planet we live on rarely lets us forget that we have the privilege of sharing the universe with real, live miracles.

They take a million different forms, from the truly otherworldly, like this cherubic angel spotted on an ultrasound, to the less obvious — but no less extraordinary — biological wonders that allow us to grow and live and thrive.

Of course, the most remarkable miracle of them all is also the most commonplace. In fact, every single person alive has been a part of it at one time or another.

We’re talking about pregnancy, and the amazing steps that mothers take to bring new life into the world.

And we aren’t just talking a good game here; just a few days past Mother’s Day, we have to marvel at the many radical, seemingly impossible changes the body goes through during pregnancy. In any other scenario, these profound transformations would seem downright magical!

But when it comes to growing a new life, here are just a few of the mysterious ways that nature takes over…

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