Losing my mother to cancer when I was a child is something I will never recover from


I remember when she told me and my brother. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

My mum had  cancer. My world was crashing around me I couldn’t do anything to stop it. I was so young, my brother even younger and she was our everything.

I felt so angry because when she told us she told us with our very close family, friends and their children and at the time I hated the fact she had given me and my brother the worse news of our life. I couldn’t believe she hadn’t given us this news alone.

Looking back now I understand why she did it. She wanted my brother and I to have support. She wanted us to not feel alone, and have a friend to go through this with.

Watching someone you love fake a smile and tell you everything is okay is heartbreaking. I watched her go in and out of hospital for chemo. Knowing that If I had a cold or a tummy bug I would have to go stay at my dads because she had no immune system.

I would watch her continue work, right through even when she was at her worst. The constant hospital trips took there to toll on her, taking away who she was slowly and surely I was losing my mum to a struggle I could do nothing to help or stop.

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