Is Boob Sweat Normal? 8 Things Women Should Know About Sweating ‘Under There’


As the weather finally starts to warm up again, most people are thrilled about the sun, warmth, and lighter clothes.

One of the problems with warmer weather, though, is that it means you have to deal with being sweaty.

For most people, a quick swipe of deodorant under the arms prevents smelly sweat, but it doesn’t stop the sweat around the rest of the body.

Many of us don’t sweat much elsewhere, but on particularly hot days we have to deal with sweaty feet, sweaty backs of knees, sweaty foreheads, sweaty backs, and sweaty necks.

Undoubtedly the worst of all? Boob sweat.

Women know how it feels to be out enjoying the hot sun only to have beads of sweat drip down the area between their breasts. It’s uncomfortable and icky, and the sweat pools into your bra and just sits there being wet and gross.

It’s no fun at all, but there are lots of solutions to combat dreaded boob sweat.

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