IBS is NOT the same as IBD – please stop confusing the two


If you’re a sufferer of Inflammatory bowel disease, there’s no doubt that at one point in your illness you’ve been told ‘I have that’ – before realising that what they are in fact talking about is Irritable bowel syndrome.

Which, while of course, is not at all nice – it’s not Inflammatory bowel disease.

They are two very different things that, except from the cramping of the stomach, affect a person in very different ways.

IBS is a syndrome. It causes cramping, bloating, diarrhea and/or constipation. That sucks. But it’s not life threatening.

IBD is.

Alongside all of the symptoms above, IBD comes with fatigue, joint pain, bleeding, and often results in surgery among having other, more varied symptoms. Sometimes it can even result in death.


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