I understand why people with IBD fear they’ll never find love – because I’d feel exactly the same

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Over the past couple of days there’s been quite some backlash over a couple of articles from people who suffer with Inflammatory bowel disease – and because of their diagnosis, fear they’ll never find love.

Now, this backlash has come from other sufferers of IBD, who feel that IBD should not be a defining point as to whether someone finds you attractive or not.

Both opinions are totally valid – and both should be accepted as such.

But, while you may not feel IBD should be a defining factor as to whether you find love, you have to accept that there are some people with the diagnosis that will feel the opposite way. Because that’s just life.

And, I have to admit, I totally understand where these people fearing their love-lives will be affected are coming from.

When I was first diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis after having emergency surgery, I was scared. Even though I had my boyfriend beside me, I was terrified that he would look at me differently. That he’d act differently around me – or whether he’d just not want me at all.

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