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How I went from hating my stoma bag to seeing it as the best thing to ever happen to me


I have indeterminate Crohn’s disease, a form of Inflammatory bowel disease. I was diagnosed in 2004 at just 18 years old.

May last year, I had my worst flare up imaginable. I developed a perianal abscess and a rectal vaginal fistula. I had lost 2stone in six months. I was a bag of bones. I knew something wasn’t right, my toilet trips were so often I lost count. More than 20 times a day or more if I had to guess.

I had a check up with my gastroenterologist and I was admitted on the spot. I had numerous amount of blood tests and scopes done to work out what was wrong with me. I was given an NG tube as my body wasn’t absorbing the nutrients from the food I was eating, Hence the dramatic weight loss. No matter how much I ate it went straight through me. Now I love my food but to look at me you wouldn’t think that.

Fast forward 3 weeks later, it’s now June. I’m still in hospital and no news of what is happening, until a few days later my doctor and the team came to see me and tell me they want me to see a colorectal surgeon – and that I may need a stoma bag.

My heart sank and tears ran down my face. I couldn’t believe it, I was going to have an operation and given a bag.

All that ran through my head was ‘Why?’ ‘Why me?’ I was blaming myself for all of this. I was always good at taking my medicine and watching what I ate as certain foods would upset my stomach. ‘What has happened? Why is this happening to me?’

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