Ulcerative Colitis

How I turned my life around after a battle with Ulcerative colitis resulted in life-changing surgery

September 2013 and I was starting a new life of independence and opportunity at University studying my dream subject, Photography.

My Ulcerative colitis was more or less under control after ruling my life since the age of 12.

Fast-forward to January 2014 and everything had changed. My flare ups were worse than ever and I was considering leaving. One morning on the way to the gym across campus I had a bad incident, for those with the same issues, you’ll know what I mean.

Emotionally and physically exhausted at the fact this wasn’t an unusual occurrence, I packed my bags and I was at home the next day.

It had become too much for me to deal with and I wasn’t going to put up with it being an overwhelming burden any more, so I met with a surgeon a month later.

By early April I had woken up with no colon, a big scar and a bag attached to my stomach.

The very next day complications started to arise. I was white as a sheet and was being given numerous blood transfusions.

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