Heartbroken mum of bullied 7-year-old goes to great lengths to show her why she shouldn’t change

“It is a hard thing to have your child come home in tears on a near daily basis”

Sophia SpencerSophia Spencer

A mum who was devastated when her young daughter was bullied at school for talking to bugs has turned things around with one amazing act.

Nicole Spencer, from Canada, was heartbroken when her daughter Sophia, aged seven, would come home from school crying and begging not to go back.

She told Mirror Online: “Sophia was getting bullied for her love of bug and insects and “not being a girl”.

“She decided to cut her hair short for easier bug hunting and she was teased for having a “boys’ haircut”.

Sophia Spencer with her mother Nicole
Sophia Spencer with her mother Nicole (Photo: Nicole Spencer)

“The kids told her she was weird and excluded her from playing because her love of bugs somehow made her gross.”

Sophia started being bullied on her very first day at school after she found a caterpillar and talked to it because she didn’t know any other kids.

“A girl from her class asked what she was holding. Sophia told her and then was told she was weird,” Nicole says.

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