Heartbreaking photos show moment eight-month-old boy parents thought had common cold DIED in mum’s arms from meningitis

WARNING – DISTRESSING IMAGES: Louise and John Done are still coming to terms with the loss of baby Harry – whose body doubled in size as it was ravaged by terrifying purple rash


Baby Harry, eight months, died in his mum’s arms the day after he was diagnoses

This heartbreaking photo shows the moment an eight-month-old boy – who his parents had thought just had a common cold – died in his mum’s arms hours after being diagnosed with meningitis .

Baby Harry’s body had doubled in size while his body was ‘ravaged’ by the disease’s terrifying purple rash.

Louise and John Done are still coming to terms with the loss of their son – who died of Meningitis B just a day after being diagnosed, following what they thought had been a common cold.

Tragically, the family had to make the painful decision to turn off Harry’s life support after doctors told them the terrible infection had left him brain damaged.

And now the brave parents have shared the photo of Harry in Louise’s arms – his body swollen until ‘unrecognisable’ and large parts of his hands, fingers, feet and legs turned black and stiff with blood poisoning.

Moments later he was dead, but now the devastated couple hope the shocking image will raise awareness of the disease so no other parents have to go through the heartbreak that they did.

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