Go To The Gyno: 8 Red Flags Your Vagina Doesn’t Want You To Ignore


No offense to any gynos in the room, but nobody ever really wants to go to the gynecologist.

Going to the gyno is just plain uncomfortable, mentally and physically.

Maybe that’s why lots of us are guilty of a major omission in our approach to self-care: We put off making that all-important appointment to get checked out “down there.”

Look, I’m the last one to judge: I hate the goop and stirrups and speculum as much as anyone.

But we can’t stress this enough that going to the gyno is so, so important for your health.

Cervical cancer is usually caught at the gynecologist, and nobody else will be as helpful or as understanding when you’re dealing with something “personal.”

In other words, your gyno is your first line of defense for a lot of major problems that you do not want your hoo-ha to have to deal with.

Scroll through below for eight important signs that you should schedule your next pelvic today.

Go To The Gyno If You… Are 21Years Old

Go To The Gyno If You... Are 21Years Old

Tayra Lucero for LittleThings

As rule of thumb, every young woman should start seeing the gynecologist as soon as she becomes sexually active, no matter how old she is when that happens.

But regardless of sexual activity, every woman should make sure she starts going at age 21.

This is the age that doctors recommend going for your first pap smear, and it’s also a good opportunity to get a baseline sense of your reproductive health.

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