Flush pounds of excess bloat from your colon with this 3- ingredient cleanse

Written By Roxanne Goldberg

Cleanses are some of today’s hottest health trends. The well-respected Dr. Oz recommends cleanses for everything from detoxifying the skin (no dairy, no carbs) to
increasing energy (no caffeine and no carbs for 10 days). But some of the most popular cleanses are intended to detox the colon.
WebMD explains colon cleanses date to ancient Greece, when people used cleanses to rid the body of excess mucus and undigested food. In the 21st century, some
still believe colon cleanses treat symptoms of fatigue, head ache, low energy, and weight gain. There is also evidence that the nervous system is effected by the
bowls, and therefore, colon cleanses can have positive benefits that include an improved mental outlook and stronger immune system.

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