Fibromyalgia is death by disease (MUST LOOK IF YOU LOVE YOUR LIFE)

Fibromyalgia is death by disease


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Although there are many ongoing speculation about what triggers fibromyalgia, its causes have not been definitively identified and confirmed. Recent research has generally found that fibromyalgia is probably the result of what scientists call the central sensitization, or unusual reactions in the nervous system in relation to the perception of pain.

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 “The consensus [current] is that fibromyalgia is not a problem with the muscles, joints or tendons, but a problem with the central nervous system,” says Dr. Bruce Solitar, associate professor of clinical medicine in the division of rheumatology NYU medical Center / Hospital Diseases common in New York. While it is easy to think that the pain experienced by a person who has suffered physical damage to the body could be classified as purely psychosomatic, feelings that fibromyalgia patients experiences are as real as any other pain.

This was clearly demonstrated when the researchers did MRI scans of patients with fibromyalgia. Pressed in certain areas of the body of the participants, they found a significantly increased activity in the pain center of the brain. One theory attributes this to an increased release of substance P, a chemical that activates the nerves when a painful stimulus. “In patients with fibromyalgia, substance P is released, even in the absence of a painful stimulus. And there seems to be an amplified version when a painful stimulus, “says Dr. Solitar. In addition, the regulatory effect of the brain, which sends signals to “Low” to turn off the pain be abnormal in people with fibromyalgia – So when a painful stimulus, which is amplified rather than wet occurs

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