Early Warning Signs Of Estrogen Dominance That Millions Of Women Don’t Realize

Estrogen belongs to a group of hormones that play very important roles in the female body. It is a dominant hormone and is responsible for the balance of reproductive functions development of female secondary $exual characteristics, such as breast tissue and uterine lining. Estrogen levels will naturally peak in the body during the first half of the menstrual cycle, as the body prepares for ovulation.

Estrogen dominance

While estrogen is important for female systems to function correctly, some of these hormones have been known to increase risks of developing breast cancer. It is believed that an abnormal increase of estrogen, called estrogen dominance, has become more common in modern society. There are a number of factors contributed to these increases, including stress, excessive caffeine use, synthetic estrogen hormones from birth control and hormone replacement therapies, as well as exposure to xeno-estrogens. Xeno-estrogens are non-biodegradable hormones found in products such as cleaning agents, pesticides, detergents, and plastic.

Estrogen is detoxified in the liver. If the liver is not functioning properly due to malnourishment, it cannot do its job in clearing out the used estrogen. This can re-circulate throughout he body and build up in the liver. Most people are malnourished and don’t realize it; modern diets are highly processed and void of essential vitamins and nutrients.

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