Discharge: 8 Types You May Find ‘Down There’ And What They Reveal About Your Health


Just about every woman has a keen understanding of what’s normal for her body.

We’re attuned to everything, from hormonal fluctuations to lumps and bumps in our breasts that might signal that we need a doctor’s opinion.

The one area that tends to be a little more, shall we say mysterious, is, well, our most private area.

Women know more about their bodies now than ever before, but we can still get a little bit shy when it comes to our vaginas.

It’s not that we don’t care about their health — far from it! — it’s just that investigating under the hood can be a little awkward.

Even going to the gynecologist and getting an expert opinion makes plenty of us uncomfortable, even though we should all go at least once a year.

That’s part of the reason it’s so important that we pay attention to the signs our bodies send us.

Often, vaginal discharge is our body’s first warning that something might be amiss, so we should all know what different kinds of discharge mean!

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