Depression: 10 Physical And Emotional Red Flags That You Might Be Depressed


Depression is something that everyone feels from time to time. Maybe you’re going through a rough patch with work or with a relationship. Maybe some difficult event is happening in your life.

For some, the feeling is passing and temporary. For some 350 million people around the world, though, the listless, despondent feeling doesn’t going away, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Even harder than going through those feelings every day is when others around you, even loved ones, don’t believe it’s a real and potentially dangerous health issue.

If you’ve ever been told to “just snap out of it” or that it’s “all in your head,” then you know what we mean.

Depression, though, is hard to pin down because it can affect people very differently. Some people only struggle with it during certain times of the year, for example, while some struggle with it all the time.

There are, however, some characteristics of this disorder that are common. If you spot them in yourself or someone else, speak up!

Consider talking to a professional about your options should you feel like you have signs of depression. If you notice someone else is struggling with depression, there are steps you can take to help and support them through their trying time.

Do you know the warning signs of depression? Read on to see if you do!

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