Deadly Inflammation – Reviewing 7 Autoimmune Diseases you should Know

When diseases aren’t caused by chemicals, external allergens or other living organisms like viruses or bacteria, surely the symptoms are limited? Wrong. Painful and dangerous, inflammation can arise out of the blue – and treatment of such diseases is difficult.

The body’s immune system can be equally as toxic to foreign organisms as it can to its own tissues. A hyperactive immune system, or having certain over-sensitive types of antibodies, can wreak havoc on the body.

We discuss many well-known Autoimmune disease on a regular basis, such as Multiple Sclerosis (attack of the myelin sheath of nerve cells), Diabetes mellitus type 1 (attack of the pancreatic cells which secrete insulin) and Rheumatoid arthritis. Last week was World Lupus Day, and Lupus erythmatosus is another such example of the body’s fight against itself.

And I’ve also looked into a couple of examples for Rare Disease Day. But there are still many we do not hear about often enough.

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