Dad’s heartbreaking photo shows daughter’s last eyelash as she fights cancer

Dad takes a photo of his daughter, Hayley Brown's, last eyelash after cancer treatments.© Courtesy of Andrew Brown Dad takes a photo of his daughter, Hayley Brown’s, last eyelash after cancer treatments.Most parents might take to Facebook to share a child’s first tooth.

Andrew Brown of Melbourne, Australia, recently stirred hearts by capturing a more somber milestone: his daughter’s last eyelash, still hanging on after four months of intensive cancer treatment.

In June, Hayley Brown, 7, was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, a soft tissue cancer that caused a two-inch tumor to form in the back of her nasal passage.

To attack the tumor, her treatment included aggressive radiation and chemotherapy as well as several operations. The family has all but lived at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne since her diagnosis.

On July 22, Hayley celebrated her 7th birthday at the hospital.

For the Brown family, Hayley’s diagnosis was devastating.

Andrew Brown, an actor and comedian, has spent the last few years running fundraisers for fellow actors and comics who’ve battled illness, including cancer.

“For the first week I was just in a daze muttering, ‘This isn’t my job, my job is helping the others,'” the father of four told TODAY.

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