Chlamydia: 8 Signs You May Have This Incredibly Common STD


Sometimes sex is tricky to talk about, especially when it comes to taboo topics like having a low sex drive or contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

Many may think that once you contract one of these uncomfortable infections, there is no way to get rid of them — but this isn’t so in so many cases.

In fact, chlamydia is the most commonly reported sexually transmitted disease — and it’s extremely treatable.

This infection can affect both men and woman and, in some cases, can be completely asymptomatic — meaning that those infected with it might experience no signs or symptoms at all.

But often, there are at least a few warning signs that might mean it’s time to get tested and treated.

However, many people shy away from requesting these tests, as there’s unfortunately a lot of stigma around STDs and STIs. People often feel ashamed and embarrassed to even say the word “STD” or “chlamydia.”

But there’s absolutely no shame in being safe and healthy! So be sure to read over the symptoms below, and speak to your doctor if you think you might need to be tested.

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