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Beautiful young model whose life was ‘torn apart’ by Crohn’s disease shares powerful message

Sadie Roberts, 23, lost 2 stone when suffering from the symptoms but has “put on endless weight” due to being on steroids


Sadie Roberts in hospital as she battles Crohn’s disease which has disrupted her life (Photo:

A young model whose life has been torn apart by Crohn’s disease has spoken out about her ordeal in a bid to stop others suffering as much as she has.

Sadie Roberts, 23, has lost her health , social life, job, financial security and BMW car due to the debilitating illness.

Diagnosed in December 2015 and causing chronic inflammation of the digestive system, Sadie first suffered symptoms back in 2013 – when she was 20 – and battled through a frightening period of time without a diagnosis.

Meanwhile, her weight plummeted from 8st 7lb to 6st 9lbs, The Derby Telegraph reports.

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