Baby With Birth Defect Has No Opening For Her Bottom

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Ray and Mandy Lewis were ecstatic when they realized they were going to be the parents of a baby girl. They’d already decided to call her Kendall. But they had no idea their newborn baby would have a serious birth defect.

None of the doctors’ visits or ultrasounds over the nine months showed any signs of complications.

However, some unfortunate results showed up after Kendall’s birth.

The doctors and nurses were cleaning her up when they noticed a blockage.

Apparently, Kendall was born with a serious birth defect. There was no opening for her bottom. She was also diagnosed with VACTERL association, a very serious birth defect that can have an adverse impact upon a child’s entire system.

The newborn was immediately hurried over for an emergency surgery.

Kendall spent her first seven weeks in the hospital, but she survived.

Now she is a healthy girl running about the backyard and playing. This is all thanks to the great work done by University of Florida Health.

UF Health saved Kendall, and they continue to save many other young lives on a daily basis.

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