9 things people who have bipolar disorder want you to know

(Picture: Katie Holliday/Flickr)

Bipolar disorder is a mental illness that is generally defined by a person who has periods of both mania and depression – hence its old-school name ‘Manic depression’.

But mania comes in all forms and doesn’t often fit people’s expectations – being that it means you’re elated and high on life. In fact, mania can often come with symptoms that may trick people into believing you were experiencing a low episode. And vice versa with depression.

Because of these misconceptions, people often have an altered vision of what Bipolar disorder is and what it isn’t. And this really isn’t helpful to a sufferer, especially if they’re not receiving the correct support because of it.

So, as somebody who has bipolar disorder type 1, here are 9 things I (and perhaps other sufferers too) want those who don’t suffer with the illness to know.

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