9 Signs Of An Iron Deficiency Doctors Say You Should Never Ignore


Iron is a metal, and while it might not sound like something you can eat, it’s actually a very important nutrient. But millions of people all over the world don’t get enough.

In fact, iron deficiency is the most common and widespread nutritional disorder in the world, according to the WHO, which estimates that some 2 billion people — or 30% of the world’s entire population — have anemia, which is caused by lack of iron.

And because of the blood loss from menstruation, women and teen girls are most susceptible. In fact, menstrual blood can be a major indicator of overall health, iron levels included.

Getting enough iron is crucial for healthy blood, good energy levels, and maintaining general health. Without it, the chances of internal bleeding are higher, energy and productivity drop, and infections can take hold more easily.

If you’re unsure whether you might have iron deficiency-caused anemia, see if any of the symptoms below seem familiar to you. If you have more than one, it might be time to talk to your doctor about boosting your iron levels.

And luckily, getting more iron in your system is easy — and delicious!

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