8 Types Of Poop That You Should Never, Ever Ignore

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There’s a huge difference between an unhealthy poop and a healthy one.

Most of us can tell instinctively when a BM is just not going as planned. Pooping that hurts or sends you running to the john over and over again? Probably an unhealthy poop.

In fact, going “number two” is a leading health problem for many Americans. Fortunately, it is possible to change your diet and habits to make sure every bowel movement is a good one. However, plenty of us may not even realize there’s a problem!

That’s why it’s important that we all take an occasional peek in the bowl and assess the situation.

If you really want to go into detail, you can compare the fruit of your labor against the Bristol Stool Form Scale.

Even if you don’t want the dirty details, everyone should know when their latest BM is just plain bad news.

Scroll through to learn the eight most common kinds of unhealthy poop and what they reveal about your

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