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8 Signs Of Mouth Cancer That Are Extremely Easy To Ignore’ #3 Is Shocking

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Nearly 50,000 Americans are diagnosed with mouth or throat cancer every single year, so we should all learn the tell-tale signs and symptoms.

The most common symptoms are lumps, sores, and persistent pain in the mouth, but there are lots of other indicators we should never ignore.

Oral cancer is any cancer that involves the mouth, lips, gums, and tongue. It is often associated with throat cancer, since the disease can start in either spot and spread easily to the other.

Just as we saw with these early signs of cervical cancer, the key to treating oral cancer effectively is catching it early.

Since anyone can get mouth cancer, we all need to remember the signs so we can identify the onset of cancer symptoms.

People who smoke or use tobacco products are at a higher risk, but this type of cancer can strike anyone, even if they have never chewed tobacco in their life.

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