8 Signs of Chronic Inflammation

As a result of human activity – namely, industrial and commercial processes – the world is burdened with all types of toxins. There is both good news and bad news for people (rightly) concerned with the amount of toxins floating around. Bad news first: it is impossible to deny entry of toxins into the human body (unless you become a recluse); the good news: we can do something about toxic effects on the body.

Contrary to what many believe, inflammation in itself is not damaging. In fact, normal inflammation is a healthy body’s response to physical harm – known as acute inflammation. Acute inflammation is a necessary physical response that allows the body to heal after an adverse physical event (e.g. breaking a bone, cutting a finger). Inflammation of this variety also “traps” impeding and harmful substances in order to eliminate them from the body.

Chronic inflammation, meanwhile, is a potentially damaging condition. Medical professionals and researchers have linked chronic inflammation to a variety of conditions, including diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and even hair loss. Complicating matters, chronic inflammation is also difficult to detect without a comprehensive blood test.

However, there are physical signs that may point to chronic inflammation. This article discusses eight of these signs, and supplements them with ways to reverse the damaging condition. It is our hope that this article proves beneficial to all of us concerned with the adverse effects that chronic inflammation has on the body, and that the “treatments” noted here are helpful.

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