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8 Myths About Prostate Cancer You Always Believed.

The taboo associated with discussing and potentially learning more about anything related to sex, kept prostate cancer talks tucked deep within the closet for many years. Considering its proximity to a man’s ego, sexual problems, especially ones that affect sexual endurance and libido, find no mention in discussions within couples or friends.

Bringing up the topic could either break a “happy” party or lead to a discussion that hinges on archaic assumptions and misconceptions. The interpretation of what actually constitutes prostate cancer symptoms can be amusing at times but potentially serious and dangerous, considering its ramifications.

Add to this curious mix, the wide variety of symptoms (and also the sheer lack of it in most cases) that overlap imbalances in other organs and you have a real diagnostic problem at hand. Most people mistake the signs as being natural as they age or associated with other problems. Meeting your family physician and being aware of slight variations can lead to early detection, treatment and cure.

8 Myths About Prostate Cancer You Always Believed:

Let’s get into “busting” mode on some popular myths surrounding Prostate Cancer:

Myth #1 – Prostate cancer is a common, slow growing and not fatal.

Yes with growing research and unearthing of the different variants of prostate cancer, the cancer is gaining more exposure every passing day. That it is the second most fatal cancer, amongst men in the US after lung cancer, makes it something that should get your attention and push you to gain some more insight about.

Some types of prostate cancers can be very aggressive and approach for treatment depends upon how your physician perceives the “aggressiveness” threat, your age and health status. Patients need to understand the complexity of this disease and make treatment decisions that are right for them in consultation with a trusted medical professional. Detected late this can prove fatal.

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