8 Gross Reasons You Should Never, Ever Wear The Same PJs 2 Days In A Row


How often do you change your PJs? The truth is, most of us don’t do it nearly often enough.

According to the Daily Mail, men wait an average of 13 days to change their jammies, and women wait a stunning 17 days on average.

If those stats make your skin crawl, there’s a good reason: A pair of pajamas gets dirty fast. We should really be changing our nightwear every single day.

Plenty of people avoid the problem entirely by sleeping in the nude. Meanwhile, many others are apparently very comfortable with spending two weeks at a time in the same pajamas.

It’s about time we break that habit. Wearing the same PJs for days on end is actually very unhygienic.

We had no idea how much germy grossness is hiding in those flannel folds. Now, we have to acknowledge that there’s some seriously icky stuff that can happen when you keep wearing one pair of jammies for days in a row.

Here’s why you need to change your PJs every day.

Reason To Change Your PJs #1: Staph Infections

Reason To Change Your PJs #1: Staph Infections

Tayra Lucero for LittleThings

Most people carry a small amount of staph bacteria on their skin. It’s a very common microbe that we pick up on our skin, in our noses, and in our mouths, usually without consequences.

However, if you wear the same piece of fabric over and over again, staph bacteria will start to collect in your PJs and thrive.

Eventually, these growing colonies of staph can get inside the skin via cuts, ingrown hairs, or other breaks in the body’s natural defense system.

Washing and changing PJs frequently helps kill off staph, and prevent painful and potentially life-threatening infections.

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