7 Things You Should Never Do To Your Vagina (MUST LOOK NO 7)

Women tend to think only about their vital organs when they are healthy. They forget that their vagina is also an important part of their body. Most women tend to forget the importance of their vagina. There are several factors you need to care about your vagina. For example, a healthy vagina is acidic in nature and contains beneficial amount of bacteria to prevent infections and discomfort. Ladies, here are some things you should never do to your vagina

1. Say No To Douching


Douching is when you wash out your vagina with a mixture of water and vinegar. Over-the-counter douches in the market with antiseptics and fragrances can be harmful for the vaginal health. Many women practice this to feel fresh and get rid of unpleasant odors, clean away the menstrual blood after periods, to avoid getting sexually transmitted diseases, and prevent pregnancy after intercourse. Many experts believe that douching is not beneficial for any of these needs.
Douching can disturb the pH level of the vagina and lead it to an infection. Your vagina is self-cleaning, and it doesn’t need douching to make it cleaner for you. You need a proper wash with warm water to keep it clean.

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