7 Symptoms Of Low Female Testosterone No Woman Should Ignore


If you thought testosterone was just for boys, think again.

Testosterone can be found in every body, and it serves important functions in female bodies just as it does in male ones. For women in their late 40s and early 50s, it plays a role in regulating the body, especially during and after menopause.

However, many women experience a drop in testosterone around this time in their lives, which can manifest in various physical and emotional ways.

Unfortunately, though, a testosterone drop isn’t something many people think of. Typically with women, the hormones that first come to mind are estrogen and progesterone.

Lowered testosterone levels affect women in very specific ways, but the symptoms are often mistaken for menopause symptoms or for symptoms of thyroid issues.

As we age, 0ur testosterone levels decrease naturally. Normally, this is fine for women and men, but some people’s levels drop too quickly, or too much, and it affects them negatively. Various other factors include stress and insulin resistance.

If you think that recent changes may be due to your testosterone levels dropping, talk to your doctor. They can measure your hormone levels and see what’s really going on. For some, but not for all, testosterone replacement therapy is an option. Your doctor can work with you to decide if it’s an option for you.

Read on to see what dropping testosterone levels look like, and see if you’ve experienced any yourself.

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