7 Kinds Of Chronic Body Pains Which Could Be Caused By Your Psychological/Emotional States


Pain is our bodies way of letting us know that we are either hurting or healing. It’s a part of life that everyone has to experience at some point in time. We’ve all had cuts, bumps, and bruises from banging into stuff or falling down, not to mention the occasional aches and stiffness that come from overdoing things. However, there are some types of bodily pain that are not caused by direct physical trauma, rather they stem from our emotional states. They can persist and affect the quality of our life, and just like any other pain, they should not be ignored. Below are the seven main types of bodily pain that are directly linked to our human emotions:

1. Upper Back Pain. Back pain is one of the most common types of pain reported by people across the world. In some cases pain in the upper back area stems from loneliness, confusion, and feelings of being undesired or not loved. In a sense, you may need a stronger emotional backbone. You can find the support you need by turning to friends, family, and other loved ones to help you cheer up and get more social.

2. Lower Back Pain. When you are stressed out about financial issues, it can manifest as pain in your lower back area. Instead of ignoring it or letting money problems drag on, do something towards getting your finances in order. Balance your accounts, make a budget and stick with it, set an appointment with a money manager, see a financial adviser, ask for a raise or promotion, and just go for it!

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