6 Signs You Are Extremely Dehydrated But Don’t Realize It and Should Drink More Water Right Now.


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Life on Earth as we know it would be impossible without water. That is an undisputed fact. Water is the top most essential thing that all of our bodies need to stay healthy and functioning as intended. There’s nothing better when you’re super thirsty, hot, or dehydrated than a tall glass of clean, cool water.

While practically everyone has heard of the standard rule when it comes to water consumption, which is to drink eight 8-ounce glasses a day to stay hydrated, not all of us manage to do exactly that. In fact, the majority of people fail to drink this much water daily and after awhile the negative effects from it all add up. When you’re not taking in enough aqua, your body and health start to suffer internally and externally. Oftentimes we get cranky and really moody, we feel tired and lack energy, even our appearance becomes duller and more worn.

In fact, many people believe that the fountain of youth involves simply staying well-hydrated 24/7. In light of that notion, perhaps Ben Stiller’s now infamous character Derek Zoolander was onto something when he famously said “Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty.” If you want to feel and look your best, you have to consume lots of water!

When you don’t drink enough water, dehydration sets in. Whether you’re too busy, just don’t think about it, or fail to keep track of your consumption, it’s hard to know for certain whether or not you’re drinking enough of it. Not anymore! Those excuses won’t work after you finish reading this. That’s because your body will always let you know when it needs more water, you just need to know how to read the signs it’s giving you and here are six of those signs:

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