Huntington's Disease

5 Warning Signs Of Huntington’s Disease You Should Look Out For


huntington's disease

Huntington’s disease—or HD, as many sufferers and patient advocates call it—is a debilitating genetic disorder that affects 30,000 Americans, according to the Huntington’s Disease Society of America.Those who suffer from HD have a genetic mutation that triggers the gradual breakdown and death of nerve cells in the brain, says Susan Perlman, MD, a neurologist and director of UCLA’s Huntington’s Disease Center of Excellence.Eventually, roughly 20 to 30 years after the disease appears, that cell breakdown results in the patient’s death—usually due to sepsis, pneumonia, or some other complication related to the disease, Perlman says.”The earliest symptoms start in the brain’s basal ganglia, which is tied to the mutated gene,” she explains. Those symptoms tend to fall into three distinct categories.

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