5 Things That Happened When I Ate Oatmeal Every Morning For A Month



I hated oatmeal as a kid. I thought it was mushy and weird, and I reserved instant oatmeal packets as dry mix-ins for my yogurt. But when I began working for a health publication—reading articles day in and day out about how fiber is the secret to staying full—I wondered if I should give old-fashioned oats another shot. (Repeat after us: No more dieting. Ever. Instead, learn how to eat clean—with zero deprivation!—and watch the pounds drop off, with Your Metabolism Makeover.)

A cup of oats packs 5 g of protein and an impressive 4 g of fiber, which helps regulate your body’s sugar usage to hold your hunger in check and keeps you, ahem, regular. Studies also link increased dietary fiber intake with lower body weight, cholesterol levels, and risk of type 2 diabetes. Oh, and oatmeal’s rich in plenty of good-for-you minerals, such as phosphorus and magnesium

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