20 Cancer Signs That Should Not Be Ignored!

Despite making the regular checks with your doctor, you can also start paying more attention to the sighs that your body is giving you, like the following for example:

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1. Having pain in your back and lower back!
Many of the people that have liver cancer are experiencing pain in their back. Sometimes this can also mean breast cancer because the growth is making pressure on the chest and the ribs.

2. Your nails start changing!
If you have very pale and whitish nails that may mean liver cancer whilethe brown or blackish dots on the nails are a sign for having skin cancer. Additionally, the curving of the nails may mean lung cancer.

3. Your face gets swollen!
A lot of the patients diagnosed with lung cancer are experiencing inflamed or red face due to the blockage of the chest capillary and limitation of the circulation of the blood to the face.

4. Having sore/skin lumps
You have to make regular checks on your skin because the lumps or bleeds may be a sign for skin cancer or basal cell melanoma.

5. Having red/ sore/swollen breasts
This is usually a sigh for having breast cancer.

6. Experience some changes in the nipples!
If you experience some flat, inverted, or sideways changes in the nipple,that may mean having a breast cancer.

7. Having odd or painful period or in between period
Go to the doctors for a trans-vaginal ultrasound because this is usually a sign for uterus cancer.

8. If you are experiencing short breath/ wheezing
This is usually a symptom of the lung cancer.

9. Having a chronic cough or pain in the chest
If you are having a chronic cough that may be a sign for different types of cancer, like for example tumors and leukemia. The symptoms for having lung cancer include pain in the chest that goes as well in the arm and shoulder.

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