18 Weird Ways To Tell If You’re Having A Boy Or Girl


One of the most exciting parts of the pregnancy process is learning the gender of your baby.

Whether you wait for the doctor to tell you when you’re giving birth or if you find out during an ultrasound, it’s amazing to learn the gender of your little one.

Once you learn the gender, it’s a blast to throw a gender reveal party for all your friends and family.

Although most people find out the gender of their baby during an ultrasound appointment with their doctor, there are many old wives’ tales that claim they can tell your baby’s gender without an ultrasound!

You may have heard some of these old wives’ tales about gender from your mom or grandmother, but some of them may come as a complete surprise to you.

There are a lot of gender prediction tests, like this Chinese gender predictor, and many others. Since they’re old wives’ tales, they may not be exactly accurate, but they can definitely be fun to try if you’re expecting and don’t know the gender yet.

Read on to learn some more of these incredible gender predictor tests!

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