14 ‘Embarrassing’ Health Problems You Should Never, Ever Ignore


Anytime I feel like something is wrong with my body, I go where we all go: the internet.

With all the resources now available online, it’s easy to feel like we can self-diagnose whenever we have medical issues.

By looking online, we can figure out whether what we’re feeling is an actual problem or just us overreacting.

On a weekly basis, I probably look up everything from “What happens when you drink spoiled milk?” to “What does skin cancer look like?”

You might be wondering, “If you have medical problems, why don’t you just go to the doctor?” Well, that’s a good question.

Honestly, it’s because I’m pretty sure I’m just being ridiculous and overreacting — I don’t want to embarrass myself by going to the doctor when there’s actually nothing wrong.

I know a lot of people who feel the same way, but there’s a problem with thinking you’re always overreacting: sometimes you’re not, and you actually do need medical attention.

You should never feel ashamed to go to the doctor with embarrassing health problems; they’ve seen it all before.

Below are 14 embarrassing health problems you should never ignore!

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